Krugman sur le Prix Nobel d’Economie

Il rebondit sur l’article dont j’ai extrait des passages hier. Complètement d’accord avec Krugman (ce qui le ravit, j’en suis sûr). Deux extraits significatifs :

“So why does the prize matter? Mainly, I’d say, because it gives visibility. And the main way the Nobel can alter the debate is by highlighting work that wasn’t getting as much attention it arguably should. Something like, say, Herbert Simon’s Nobel can raise the profile of a line of work in ways that affect both public debate and actual research.”

“the Sims/Sargent prize isn’t a vindication of anyone or any particular point of view; it’s basically a signal saying, hey, if you haven’t been aware of this important line of work, now is a good time to read up on it.”

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